Canadian Tire, created a boxed set of four seasonal, illustrated recipe books, in a joint promotion with Corning, as incentive to purchase Corningware products.

The schedule called for 120 recipes to be fully documented in only 10 days of shooting. The studio was transformed into a gourmet kitchen, with two food stylists, and their assistants, preparing the food, each in their own, purpose built, kitchen area.
Two identical studio setups were created, so that prepping was happening in one, as shooting was taking place in the other.
Successfully photographing food, is a painstaking and detailed exercise, however, although the days were very long, the project was completed on-time and on-budget.

Krug is one of the leading design and manufacturer of high-end office furniture. They produce a series of product brochures to promote each line of furniture.

The studio was tranformed into a series of room sets, that included panelled walls and the laying of a variety of wooden and carpeted foors.
The job called for 129 setups and over 430 detailed items to be shot, with a budget of 41 shoot days.
Due to the studio's large storage capacity, we were able to co-ordinate with Krug, the delivery of the furniture in such a way that product availability was never an issue in the tight shooting schedule.

The World famous, Bata Shoe Museum required as part of it's participation with the Canadian Culture Online Program, to digitally record a substantial portion of it's collection.

The project required the collection to be photographed in the museum.
The work was meticulous and delicate, as some of the exhibits, were priceless and extremely fragile.
Many of the items had to be individually lit and rigged, to capture specific details.
Each image had to be digitally re-touched to remove all traces of the rigging and the inevitable artifacts that are captured using a white background.
Over 500 exhibits were photographed, over two months, with a total of 20 shoot days, using a 22 mega pixel digital back.
We provided the museum with colour balanced, high resolution digital images, that can be utilized for both print and web.


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